Katie and Zack

Hello Everyone,

We are continuing our wedding season with another great couple, Zachary and Katie! They had a beautiful spring style wedding in Alice’s Park. The girls and guys got ready in the upstairs suites at the Train Depot where we got to do an exciting teaser shot of the bride and groom holding hands without seeing each other. Later, we headed downstairs where we captured the highly anticipated first look and family shots on the landscape of the depot. The weather turned out to be nice despite the prediction for rain that day as family and friends surrounded the couple while they exchanged their vows. Afterwards, we headed back to the Train Depot where everyone danced, toasted their glasses and watched the couple leave as sparklers lit up the night sky. We had so much fun watching Katie and Zack begin their lives together and McClain Photography wishes them happiness in the future.

Katie + Zachary0078 Katie + Zachary0349 Katie + Zachary0336 Katie + Zachary0289 Katie + Zachary0140
Katie + Zachary0401 Katie + Zachary0698 Katie + Zachary0631   Katie + Zachary0771 Katie + Zachary0857Katie + Zachary1059 Katie + Zachary1066