Anna Britton

Hey Everyone!

Meet Anna, High school senior class of 2017 from Carrollton High School.  Anna is a cheerleader for CHS and wanted to capture her passion for gymnastics and cheerleading during her session. Her mom and sister attended the shoot, which was added fun since her sister could make her laugh on cue. We started in the studio with some cool special effects shots in one of her uniforms, which turned out AWESOME! Next, we traveled to Grisham stadium to do some shots in her cheerleading uniform, letterman jacket and team jersey. She also included the CHS cheerleaders’ team trophy they won this past year for winning the state championship. On the way to our last location, we stopped around Carrollton for some rustic shots shared with her sister. We ended at the gym Anna not only trains but teaches gymnastics to other students. Anna is very talented and we were able to capture some neat action shots of her in mid-rotation during her tricks and jumps. This was such a fun shoot for us, especially assistant Ashleigh who is a former high school, all-star and arena football cheerleader for the Tennessee Valley Vipers in Huntsville, AL. We are so happy Anna chose McClain Photography to capture this milestone in her life. Best of luck in the future!

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